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About CMP Scientific Corp

CMP Scientific Corp is founded on a special technology for the hyphenation of capillary electrophoresis and mass spectrometry (CE-MS). Its core products are EMASS-II CE-MS ion source, ECE-001 capillary electrophoresis system, separation capillaries, electrospray emitters, and reagent kits for a variety of applications.
Our Company

CMP Scientific specializes in biological mass spectrometry instrumentation, technology development, and applications in proteomics, biologics characterization, polysaccharides analysis, as well as metabolomics. CMP Scientific's EMASS-II CE-MS technology has been well recognized in the global analytical chemistry industry. Company has formed a number of R&D and marketing partnerships between notable mass spectrometry companies. 


At CMP Scientific, we believe in our capillary electrophoresis - mass spectrometry technology and wake up each morning to carry out our mission - to bring CMP's advanced CE-MS technology to every biological mass spectrometry lab to facilitate cutting-edge life sciences, biopharma development, and clinical research.

EMASS-II CE-MS Technology

CMP Scientific's EMASS-II CE-MS technology uses an electrokinetically pumped sheath liquid flow nanospary interface design. This proprietary technology has been validated in numerous mass spectrometry labs worldwide, with applications crossing over proteomics, monoclonal antibody characterization, fusion protein biotransformation study, antibody-drug conjugate analysis, bispecific antibody charge variants identification, metabolomics, monoclonal antibody combination therapy characterization, etc.

Research and Development

CMP Scientific has been collaborating with many life sciences researchers, biopharma scientists, clinical researchers, and analytical instrumentation companies on cutting-edge research projects, as well as on next-generation product development. Whenever you see a problem that may be better solved by CE-MS, drop us a line and you will be amazed by how CMP's EMASS-II CE-MS technology may help you achieve your goals with a high caliber of efficiency, robustness, and data quality.

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