EMASS-II CE-MS Technology
EOF-driven sheath liquid flow
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Everyday, CMP Scientific's revolutionary EMASS-II CE-MS ion sources are used in notable biopharma leaders, biosimilar developers, life sciences institutes, and clinical research labs worldwide.

About us

CMP Scientific Corp is advancing Capillary Electrophoresis - Mass Spectrometry (CE-MS) coupling. The outstanding performance of CMP Scientific’s EMASS-II CE-MS ion source has been validated by several leading biopharmaceutical companies, top research institutes, and leading life science instrument companies.

Latest News 

CMP Scientific at WCBP2020

January 2020


Accelerating the future of biopharmaceutical development in the digital age. The WCBP Symposium series was created to address issues at the interface of CMC development and global regulatory for biotechnology-derived health intervention products.

CR3520 cIEF-MS Reagent Kit

September 2019


Fully automated biotherapeutics charge variants analysis, enabled by CMP Scientific's CR3520 CIEF-MS reagent kit. Product launched at CE Pharm 2019.

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EMASS-II CE-MS Technology